From outer space, I landed via a celestial saucer in Roswell, New Mexico. My not-so-secret landing caused a great deal of hubbub. I am an orphaned alien, adopted by Hubert, an Air Force sergeant and his wife, Maxine. I've learned a great deal from you earthlings.

     Just kidding, a little. The daughter of an Air Force sergeant, I am proud to be an "Air Force Brat". As my family wandered together, through the United States and Europe, I wondered why a great deal, read books as soon as I could read, thought I could do everything my older brother and sister did, teased my baby brother, and dreamed of writing stories (or becoming a ballerina).  For my sixth birthday, my mother gave me Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses, hooking me on poetryNow, middle-aged, and realizing that the grace required to dance beautifully to the music from Swan Lake or The Nutcracker, escaped my genes, and creating with words tugged at my soul, I decided to write again. With age and more experience than my young adult self, I hope to write candidly and honestly.